Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Software Tip: Stop Outlook 2010 from asking you for a password every time you open it


Are you tired of Microsoft Outlook 2010 asking you for your login credentials every time you open it, despite the fact that you have checked the “Remember my password” option?

There’s a very simple solution to that:

  1. Close Outlook 2010
  2. Go to Control Panel – User Accounts – Manage your credentials
  3. Under "Generic Credentials", look for an entry of the form: "MS.Outlook:username@domainname:PUT"
  4. Select it, and then click on "Edit"
  5. Enter/Change the password that’s there to your current password
  6. It should now work!

I have tried this on my laptop, which has the following system information, and it worked just fine:


Good luck!

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